Janae: Jesus Healed My Eternal Family

The more I tried to make myself right with God, the more I really didn’t like God.

— Janae

As a member of the Mormon faith, Janae often felt that she fell short of expectations. However, in embracing the truth of the biblical gospel, she has come to realize a liberating truth: in her imperfection, Jesus is her perfect sufficiency. This realization has been the cornerstone of her newfound faith and assurance in the message that Jesus is enough for her.

Janae’s journey began with a heart-wrenching question: “Where do I fit in, and what is my hope for life and eternity?” Raised in a family and church where perfection was an expectation, Janae found herself grappling with a profound sense of inadequacy, leaving her in a dark place emotionally and spiritually.

However, through the transformative power of God’s word, a significant change occurred in her life. The darkness that once overwhelmed her heart was dispelled by the illuminating presence of Christ. Embracing the truth that Christ’s sufficiency covers her insufficiencies, Janae discovered a new sense of hope and identity. No longer a wanderer in search of belonging, she now understands that her place is secured wherever she is, because of her relationship with Christ. In Christ, Janae recognizes that her deepest longings and fears have been addressed and transformed into a living hope, anchored in Him.

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