Christin: A Mormon Mom’s Path to Divine Surrender

I just said, ‘I need to give this to you God,’ because it’s wrecked and I wasn’t able to save it.

— Christin

Like a child yearning for her father’s attention, Christin sought to earn God’s approval through her deeds. Yet, amidst life’s toughest trials, including her husband’s betrayal and their eventual divorce, she discovered the true essence of divine grace — a gift freely given, not earned.

Christin’s story is a modern-day parable of manna from heaven, illustrating how God lovingly guides us from our efforts to his sufficiency. Through personal trials, an unlikely mission to Kenya, and the challenges of single motherhood, Christin learns that grace is not about our achievements but about God’s unending love and provision. “Manna from Heaven” is a testament to the liberating power of surrendering to God’s will and finding peace in his perfect grace.

Watch Christin’s transformative journey unfold, revealing the beauty of God’s grace — so simple, yet so powerful. Discover how, like the shepherd seeking the one lost sheep, God seeks and loves each of us individually and passionately.

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