Jake: From Mormon Self-Sufficiency to Christ’s Sufficiency

When I’m guilty of sin, I don’t have to have hopeless despair.

— Jake

Do you recall the biblical tale of Jacob, a man defined by his self-sufficiency and stubborn will, who ultimately learns to surrender to God’s boundless grace? Jacob (Jake) Miller’s story is a modern echo of this ancient narrative, showcasing a journey from determined independence within Mormonism to complete reliance on the grace and guidance of Jesus Christ.

“From Mormon Self-Sufficiency to Christ’s Sufficiency” delves into the heart of Jacob Miller’s spiritual odyssey, mirroring the biblical Jacob’s wrestle with God in Genesis 32. Much like his namesake, Jacob faced his own wrestling—struggling not only with the doctrines and expectations of the LDS Church but also with his internal battles and doubts. His journey through the wilderness was marked by significant challenges, including a life-threatening health crisis that served as his own Peniel, the place where he, too, was left physically weakened but spiritually awakened.

In the throes of his struggle, Jake encountered the transformative power of the gospel—a message so profound that it freed him from the overwhelming burdens of striving for perfection within Mormonism. The gospel’s good news illuminated the path to true freedom, releasing Jacob from the chains of self-reliance and leading him to surrender fully to the all-sufficient Christ.

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